IntoUniversity’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic

As the government has made the move to close schools on Friday 20th March, we have taken the decision to close all IntoUniversity centres for the period Monday 23 March until further notice.

Centres will transition to a virtual service of on-line and telephone support which will begin on Monday 23rd March and will operate throughout the planned closure period. 

The charity will continue to be guided by national health policy, government guidelines and the situation on the ground at each local centre.

How we will be supporting students

We are very concerned about the impact that school closures will have on our students. We did some research in 2018 (see graph above) to find out how easily young people could study at home, and it's clear that many of our students don’t have anywhere to work at home or will find it difficult:

We also know that some of our students are unfamiliar with online study and may not have reliable internet access and IT equipment. At the core of our strategy will be providing telephone support which we think will be more effective and will provide more personalised support that will be important if students are isolated at home.

We are also aware that for some of our more vulnerable students that there are risks within the home environment and we will be paying particular attention to the needs of these young people.

The virus will have a huge impact on our capacity to fulfil some of our remaining delivery commitments although we will still be seeing students through our virtual and telephone services.

However, we are confident that IntoUniversity will be able to continue serving some of the most disadvantaged young people in the country, and we look forward to re-opening our centres as soon as we possibly can.


Keep up-to-date

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