Your second year with us

Becoming a Senior Education Worker

After completing the first year of the scheme you may take on a new challenge and apply for a promotion to Senior Education Worker. If successful, you’ll take on additional responsibilities such as taking a lead on training volunteers or developing our educational partnerships.

Further training opportunities

In your second year, you will continue to participate in our Leadership, Exploration and Development (LEaD) programme. In your second year, these sessions will focus on gaining leaderships skills and awareness of your own leadership style as well as developing the skills and knowledge required to be a senior member of staff at IntoUniversity.

Your ongoing career development

As we’re an expanding organisation, new job roles and promotions are regularly available. You might want to apply for a Centre Leader role, where you’ll run your own centre, line-managing your team and making sure your centre meets its targets. Some of our delivery staff have taken up roles at our Head Office team or as part of our Cross-Centre team, allowing them to gain experience in an entirely different area of the charity. You don’t need to wait until you complete the Graduate Scheme to apply for promotions – if we advertise a role and you meet the criteria, your application will be welcomed.

What our staff think

'The IntoUniversity graduate scheme gave me the opportunity to combine two things I care about, education and social mobility, into a rewarding career path. I developed invaluable professional competencies such as leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. The graduate scheme provides you with a strong network of support, which is maintained by continuous professional development and training.'

Tom Georgiou, Centre Leader

August 2018 cohort, Bow centre