Your first year with us

We believe that our Graduate Scheme is one of the most exciting in the charity sector, providing exceptional training and experience.

Initial Training Programme

Our Graduate Scheme begins with a bespoke in-house six-week training programme, accredited with the OCN London Quality Mark. You’ll do this training with your whole graduate cohort so will get to know them really well whilst you learn everything you need to prepare you for working in an IntoUniversity centre. We’ll train you not only in the programmes that you’ll deliver as an Education Worker but also in our fundraising practices, charity governance and how we develop our long-term strategy.

Joining your centre

After completing this initial training, you will join your team full time. You’ll either be based in one specific centre or working across a number of centres to help support your wider team. You’ll start working with our students straight away – whether team-teaching a cohort of 25 14 year olds from the front of the class, leading a table of eight 9 year olds during a Primary FOCUS Day or working one-on-one with students in Academic Support – no two days will be the same!

A Week in the Life of an Education Worker

A Week in the Life of an Education Worker

One of the best things about being an Education Worker on our Graduate Scheme is that no two weeks are the same! However, to give you an idea of the variety of tasks and types of delivery that you will work on, we’ve put together these example timetables for two different Weeks in the Life of an Education Worker.

A Week in the Life of an Education Worker
Leadership, Exploration and Development (LEaD) programme

During both years of the graduate scheme, you will participate in our Leadership, Exploration and Development (LEaD) programme. In your first year, these sessions will allow for self-reflection and setting meaningful goals for personal and professional growth, as well as exploring the mission of IntoUniversity and the crucial role you play within the charity.

Taking a lead

Once settled into your centre you will either be given responsibility for one of the strands of our programme: Mentoring, Primary FOCUS or Secondary FOCUS – or you will take on a cross-centre role coordinating programmes across several centres. You’ll be liaising with students, teachers and volunteers to ensure your strand is a success and will take a lead on this in your team. Throughout your first year, you’ll receive ongoing training and support and will have regular meetings with your teams, as well as colleagues across the network.

Team-building days and socials

The whole IntoUniversity network comes together for our Staff Conference in March and team-building days in July and December. Our team-building days usually end with a social – a great chance to celebrate the year’s achievements, catch up with colleagues from different centres and cities and take a break before preparing for the year ahead.


Elleis is an Education Worker at IntoUniversity Govan and joined the charity in January 2021.

Elleis is an Education Worker at IntoUniversity Govan and joined the charity in January 2021.

"I could not recommend IntoUniversity enough. Working here never feels like work; I enjoy spending time with my team, inspiring students, and developing personally and professionally. Most of all, I feel fulfilled knowing that my job makes a difference."

Elleis’s story