Business in FOCUS Team Day
The IntoUniversity Business in FOCUS programme is a high impact, one day opportunity for corporate volunteers to support a group of students aged 13-18 through an employability focused workshop.

IntoUniversity developed Business in FOCUS in response to students’ desire for exciting, informative, and ‘hands-on’ work experience. The Business in FOCUS Days support students to develop key skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership.

We have a range of activities specifically designed for the programme, which are prepared and managed ahead of the event by IntoUniversity staff, so that volunteers can engage on a purely one-off basis.

What does coordinating a Business in FOCUS day involve?
- Hosting the day at your offices and recruiting a team of volunteers (ideally 8-10)
- Supporting students in a defined role
- Providing insight into your business expertise and career path
What can you expect from us?
- Full support from IntoUniversity to plan the logistics of the event
- A full briefing to prepare you for your role
- Support from IntoUniversity staff throughout the day
What do we expect from you?
- Enthusiasm and passion for our cause and the programme
- A commitment to the day, recruiting your team and booking space at your offices
How to get involved
To find out more about the programme, please email

Get in touch

If you would like to speak to someone about Business in FOCUS, please email or call Head Office on 020 7243 0242.

Hear from BiF participants

"It was an incredible experience watching the young people in action. Watching some of the more introverted really shine through was really fulfilling."

- Terri Wade, Head of Risk Communications at Deutsche Bank

"Being the ‘Chief Executive Officer’ during the Business in FOCUS day gave me responsibility and allowed me to manage a group of people, which helped improve my confidence."

- Samad Miah, Year 12 student

"It was an absolute joy to see the students so engaged, energetic and enthused by the task. The opportunity for students to combine strategic thinking, imagination, creativity, professionalism, working with adults, presentation skills, using technology and most importantly working as a team, will benefit them immensely in the future."

- Ed James, Raising Aspirations Co-ordinator, Pimlico Academy