Chloe’s story

Chloe is the Centre Leader at IntoUniversity Govan

Chloe, Centre Leader, IntoUniversity Govan

Chloe began as an Education Worker in IntoUniversity’s Leeds South centre and describes taking up the position as one of the best decisions she’s made. She spent two and a half years working in Leeds as a Secondary FOCUS coordinator, managing relationships with partner secondary schools. After her first year, she was promoted to a Senior Education Worker and had the opportunity to develop curriculums for our Primary Academic Support programme. Chloe is now the Centre Leader in Glasgow, establishing one of IntoUniversity’s first centres in Scotland.


Why did you choose to work at IntoUniversity? Why not another organisation?

One of the things I’d found most difficult in previous roles was the transient nature of the projects. I would often only be working with groups for a few months before the project ended. At IntoUniversity, you have the opportunity to practice long term pastoral care by seeing the same students week in, week out. You really build relationships and appreciate every young person for their individuality.

What do you most enjoy/find most rewarding about working at IntoUniversity?

No day is the same at IntoUniversity. If I reflect back on my week, I’ve led a team meeting to discuss how our centre is progressing with our diversity and inclusion targets in the morning and then in the afternoon I was dressed in a wig and a lab coat, doing a science experiment for our Primary Academic Support students.

What skills have you gained since working at IntoUniversity?

The training I received at the beginning of the graduate scheme laid the foundations for key skills that I’ve needed across my roles at IntoUniversity. In my first few months I was provided with a lot of support from my team to allow me to understand how to plan and deliver IntoUniversity’s programmes. Following this, I was then provided with multiple opportunities to lead and develop on a variety of projects. In the past year, I was promoted to Centre Leader and have developed key skills like leadership and communication which will support me for the rest of my career.

Would you recommend working at IntoUniversity to others? If so, why?

Absolutely. You work in close knit teams where you really get to know your colleagues and work in a supportive environment. Outside of your immediate team, you have opportunities to work with staff across the network and build relationships with a wide range of people.

How would you summarise your experience of working at IntoUniversity?

If I were to choose three words they would be dynamic, caring and aspirational.

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Chloe is the Centre Leader at IntoUniversity Govan