Ellen’s story

Ellen Griffiths is the Centre Leader at IntoUniversity Leeds South

Ellen studied Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Bristol, where she covered many units relating to inequality and education. This sparked an interested in wanting to take on a career that addresses such inequalities. Ellen was an Academic Support volunteer and a University Student Mentor at our Bristol South centre after seeing an advert on her Student Union website. She then joined the charity as an Education Worker in 2019 and has since progressed to Centre Leader at IntoUniversity Leeds South.

Ellen, Centre Leader at IntoUniversity, Leeds South

Why did you choose to work at IntoUniversity? Why not another organisation?

“When volunteering at Bristol South, I loved the warmth that I felt when interacting with students and staff. It was clear the all stakeholders were so invested in the young people – every action, programme and interaction was child-centered. I thoroughly enjoy working with young people and feel passionately about social mobility, so IntoUniversity seemed like a perfect graduate job!”


What do you most enjoy/find most rewarding about working at IntoUniversity?

“Watching our young people at Academic Support grow in confidence, particularly when it comes to recognising their own talents and abilities.”

What skills have you gained since working at IntoUniversity?

“Communication, leadership, project management, time management, resilience and adaptability”

Would you recommend working at IntoUniversity to others? If so, why?

“Yes! I feel valued by colleagues and students and I’ve never had a day where I can’t identify at least three things that have made me smile. Seeing tangible impacts with our young people makes the day-to-day so rewarding.”

How would you summarise your experience of working at IntoUniversity?  

“If I could choose three words they would be: community, laughter and rewarding”.

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Ellen Griffiths is the Centre Leader at IntoUniversity Leeds South