Katie’s story

Katie,13, IntoUniversity North Liverpool

“I live with my mum, there’s my two older brothers, there’s me, and my dog Harvey.

My three favourite things are: makeup; I don’t know if my dog is a thing but he brings me joy; and I like being outside, I like nature. I helped plant the flowers here with my primary school.

I want to have my own makeup brand, and I want to be a makeup artist. So at university I’ve got to do Health and Beauty and I’ve got to do Business.

I can struggle a lot with concentration and following what people are saying. At school the teachers don’t normally have enough time and energy to be able to give you, but at the centre it’s really easy to be able to ask for help.

My work was slacking, but ever since I went to IntoUniversity they’ve helped me work at my pace, and it’s really helped improve my grades and my confidence. They had this competition called Dragons’ Den, and I won it, as well as three other people. We went to London to Google Headquarters. It was really nice.”

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Katie,13, IntoUniversity North Liverpool