Rishi’s story

Rishi Jindal is a Senior Education Worker at IntoUniversity Manchester North

Rishi joined IntoUniversity in August 2020 after hearing about first the charity through his own university. He previously worked as a Senior Mentor at NCS and volunteered for a project while at university providing respite breaks for children in the care system.

Rishi Jindal, Senior Education Worker, IntoUniversity Manchester North

Why did you choose to work at IntoUniversity? Why not another organisation?

“I wanted to work for an organisation that made a difference. I was particularly interested in charities based in a local community as because of my experience it was something that was important to me. Therefore, the centre-based model was something I was interested in. I was also reassured by a lot of the data and impact figures as it was empirically proven to me that the work IntoUniversity does makes a positive difference.”


What do you most enjoy/find most rewarding about working at IntoUniversity?

“I love having the chance to work with young people every day and be surrounded by positive and like-minded individuals. I enjoy being able to visit schools and have young people in centre. I really like the variety of the job and how you can be doing a personal statement 1-2-1 with an 18-year-old and then go into Academic Support doing 5 times tables with a group of primary students. I like the fact we work with the same students regularly which allows us to build strong relationships.”

What skills have you gained since working at IntoUniversity?

“I have definitely improved my leadership skills. Working as part of a small team I have been able to take a lead on my strand from day one. I have also been able to practise juggling a lot of different jobs and responsibilities allowing me to improve my prioritisation skills. Although I had worked with young people before, I hadn’t worked in a classroom setting so I have become a lot more confident in delivery such as teaching others various Maths and English skills. In general, I have improved my public speaking skills and oral communication. Finally, an area in which I really wasn’t confident before starting this job was resource creation and design skills but I feel like this has really improved since starting as an Education Worker.”

Would you recommend working at IntoUniversity to others? If so, why?

“Yes! I feel really valued by the organisation and you feel happy that the work we do really makes a difference. It’s a really varied and rewarding job, especially if you enjoy working with people.”

How would you summarise your experience of working at IntoUniversity? 

“A busy, fun and rewarding whirlwind of an experience!”

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Rishi Jindal is a Senior Education Worker at IntoUniversity Manchester North