Takudzwa’s story

Takudzwa, 13, IntoUniversity Nottingham West

“I live in a semi-detached house with my mum and younger sister.

The first thing I most enjoy: I like music. At school I spend a lot of time in the music room working with the keyboard or ukulele, I like to play them a lot, with my friends as well. It helps me express myself. I also have a keyboard app on my phone so I can practice at home.

Another thing I like is Lego, since it helps with architecture, like with design and technology, I’ve got a lot in my room.

A third thing is cycling. It helps with exercise and also it helps with me and friends, they have bikes as well and we cycle down the hill a lot.

When I’m older I’d like to be an architect. Deciding that happened while at IntoUniversity when I had a mentor. It’s very creative, to see the way people design buildings and the way it’s styled. I like Roman architecture, like the pillars and how symmetrical they are.

If IntoUniversity didn’t exist it would be harder to do homework. I usually do most of my homework there. Also I’m in secondary school now and at IntoUniversity I meet up with people I used to go to primary school with, so that wouldn’t really happen as well.”

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Takudzwa, 13, IntoUniversity Nottingham West