More than half of our centres are now operated in partnership with universities.

To find out about our programmes and how your institution could work with IntoUniversity, please explore the options below. 

Why IntoUniversity is needed

Young people from the UK's most disadvantaged backgrounds may be three times less likely to make it to Higher Education than their better-off peers. Find out more about why our work is needed here.

Our programme

Our innovative support programme provides young people with the academic and pastoral support they need to succeed. Read about our programme here

Our centres

We deliver our award-winning programme from local learning centres based in the heart of the communities where our young people live. Find your nearest IntoUniversity centre here.

Our impact

Our programme works: 79% of our school leavers progressed to university last year. To read more about our impact, visit our impact pages.

Student volunteering opportunities

University students play a crucial role in the delivery of our programme. To find out more about volunteering opportunities for your students, click here.

Get in touch

If you are interested in funding our work as a university partner, please contact our Chief Strategy Officer Dr Hugh Rayment-Pickard:

Tel: 020 7243 0242

Email: hugh@intouniversity.org

Our university partners

We work with a range of prestigious universities. Find out who already supports us here