The FOCUS Programme

IntoUniversity offers a range of programmes, both at its centres and in schools, to support students' aspirations. The FOCUS Programme provides structured workshops in partnership with schools to provide information, advice and guidance, support development of key skills and inspire students to achieve their potential. 

Primary FOCUS

The Primary FOCUS Programme is a two-year package of focused learning for classes in Years 5 and 6. The programme supports and enhances the National Curriculum and is timetabled so as not to disrupt SATs.

Year 5  - 'What is a University?' Workshop and FOCUS Day. The class are introduced to and familiarised with university life and learning. The class focus on a particular curriculum area, chosen by the school, and work in teams to develop cooperation skills.

Year 6 - FOCUS Week and Transition Workshop. The FOCUS Week offers the class 5 days of concentrated learning on a topic of the school's choosing, ending with a graduation at a top university. The Transition Workshop gives students the chance to discuss and prepare for their transition to secondary school and think about their future.

For further details please see our Primary FOCUS brochure. You can also watch a short film about our Primary FOCUS programme here

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Secondary FOCUS

The Secondary FOCUS Programme is a structured series of workshops for Years 7-13.

Core programme:

The programme involves two workshops per year, focused on developing key skills and providing information and advice on future options. These workshops are designed to relate to a particular stage of students' learning and are planned so as not to disrupt preparation for exams. For example, students in Year 7 will think about taking responsibility for their own future and how to adapt to the changing workload, whereas Year 11 students work to understand how their post-16 options impact on future education and career opportunities. 

Programmes for targeted groups:

In addition to the core workshops IntoUniversity also runs:

Buddy Programme - For groups of 20 Year 8 students; 2 days including a university visit to develop subject knowledge and learn more about university life. 

Careers in FOCUS - For groups of 15 Year 8 or 9 students; series of workshops led by volunteers from a range of professions, all include an interactive activity.

Business in FOCUS - For groups of Year 8-10 students; business volunteers work with students on a one-day challenge designed to promote skills in leadership, teamwork and managing under pressure.

Leadership in FOCUS - For small groups of Year 9 students; three-day programme which teaches leadership skills and raises aspiration, self-esteem and motivation.

For further details please see our Secondary FOCUS brochure and watch our short film about our Secondary FOCUS programme here.

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Our Impact

To find out about the impact that the IntoUniversity FOCUS programme has on the students we work with, please click here to take a look at our impact report and results of our student survey. 

Hear from our partner schools

"There was a profound difference in attitudes to learning during the IntoUniversity FOCUS Week. I witnessed aspirations for the future in our children. Schools often drive high achievement and expectations - IntoUniversity complements this with creating real ambition in the children. There has been a notable change in attitudes since they have returned to school. 

The teachers found that some of the children with the most complex needs were so engaged in the activities it challenged our perceptions of the children’s abilities." Primary Head Teacher commenting on an IntoUniversity Primary FOCUS Week

"I believe that the IntoUniversity FOCUS Week has been one of the most important and beneficial experiences they ever had. Every single child in the class now talks about going to university." Year 6 Teacher commenting on an IntoUniversity Primary FOCUS Week

Students are now keen to aim high and to set goals. They are also more likely to see university as a real pathway and have gained greater confidence and feel more self-assured.” Secondary school teacher commenting on the IntoUniversity Careers in FOCUS Programme

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