Rianno’s story

Rianno joined IntoUniversity Bow as a University Student Mentor in May 2019.

Rianno, IntoUniversity Bow volunteer

Rianno discovered IntoUniversity through a volunteering advertisement at Queen Mary Students’ Union. She has since mentored two separate KS3 students, proving her impact as a reliable, trustworthy and personable mentor, both in-person and online.

When asked what she enjoys most about volunteering with IntoUniversity, Rianno commented:

“The most enjoyable part about volunteering with IntoUniversity is the structure and support you receive as a mentor. The organisation provides excellent resources which guide you into supporting your mentee with their goals. The structure allows me to plan my sessions to the highest quality and standard for my mentee. I have been able to ensure the activities are unique and specific to support my mentee, Kayla.”

Rianno also discussed the skills she has gained as a result of mentoring:

“The biggest skill I have gained through volunteering with IntoUniversity is active listening. I do not think this is a skill that many get to experience or develop this skill as a student.

Also, I have developed my time management and organisation skills through volunteering with IntoUniversity, which have been personally really useful. As a University student, I make sure to reserve time for my mentoring meetings, to make sure I am able to regularly and consistently be there for my mentee.”

When asked if she would recommend volunteering at IntoUniversity to a friend, Rianno replied:

“I would definitely recommend volunteering with IntoUniversity to others. From a University student’s perspective, it is a really good and simple way to give back to the community and do something which provides value. The balance between the structure and the flexibility of mentoring makes volunteering with IntoUniversity very enjoyable.”

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Rianno joined IntoUniversity Bow as a University Student Mentor in May 2019.