Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Through our three-year strategy, we have clear steps to fulfilling our goals around diversity and inclusion.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to us?


At IntoUniversity, diversity means recognising and valuing that everyone brings difference to the organisation through a unique combination of:

At IntoUniversity, inclusion is our way of being in all areas to ensure we are building a culture where students, staff and volunteers are valued for the unique people they are. 

How our D&I strategy reflects our D&I values

Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


Over the next three years, we will drive success:

  • By having a recognisably diverse workforce at all levels of the organisation
  • By codifying best practice in policies, procedures and practices
  • By monitoring and reviewing our progress and continually adapting our practice
  • By having an inclusive culture and ethos

We have eight strategic areas, each with specific workstreams, to enable us to guide, inspire and enable our workforce to improve levels of Diversity and Inclusion at IntoUniversity.


Policies, processes, procedures
  • Ensure current policies, processes and procedures are inclusive
  • Embed policies and processes to manage Diversity and Inclusion risks
Enabling staff and volunteers to act as positive agents for Diversity and Inclusion in their roles
  • Introduce specific Diversity and Inclusion training for staff that increases awareness and knowledge of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Incorporate role-specific Diversity and Inclusion responsibilities in job descriptions
  • Support meaningful goal setting and tracking across the organisation
  • Ensure all communication is inclusive
  • Regularly communicate Diversity and Inclusion progress and plans
Engagement and Participation
  • Establish diversity networks across IntoUniversity
  • Seek out underrepresented voices and disengaged groups and individuals
  • Provide multiple channels for engagement
Recruitment, retention and progression
  • Continue with our ongoing review of our end-to-end recruitment processes to ensure it is inclusive for all candidates
  • Retain diverse employees and foster an environment where all are valued
  • Attract and retain diverse leaders in management positions, including Senior Leadership Team
Responding to concerns and providing support
  • Implement system for anonymous reporting and formulate response plan, including provision of follow up support
  • Create routine systems and lines of communication between staff all levels of the organisation and Senior Managers
Programme delivery
  • Build knowledge, confidence and expertise in the delivery and programmes teams
  • Design and adapt programmes to ensure inclusivity for all learners
  • Amplify the young people’s voices in programme design and delivery
  • The Board to play an active role in ensuring that IntoUniversity is a diverse and inclusive organisation
  • The Advisory Panel to contribute to thinking and planning regarding Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Student Advisory Panel to contribute to thinking and planning regarding Diversity and Inclusion

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