Information for Parents & Guardians

Are you a parent or guardian who would like to find out more about IntoUniversity?

IntoUniversity has 31 learning centres across the country. To find your local centre click here

We provide a quiet, safe and stimulating classroom environment for children and young people to do their homework or get advice on their future.

In line with national lockdown requirements, IntoUniversity centres are closed for the time being. As before, we will provide remote support to our students, for as long as it's needed.

If your child is an IntoUniversity student, your local centre will be in touch to arrange the best help for them. You can also find all of our centres' contact details here.

For more information, read our latest Coronavirus update here.

Before you contact us

If you would like to register a child with IntoUniversity, please first think about the following questions:

- Is the child or young person ‘looked-after’?

- Is the child or young person entitled to free school meals?

- Is the child or young person living in social housing?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, please get in touch with your nearest centre to discuss the support we can provide. You can find the contact details for all our centres here.

Details about our IntoUniversity programme can be found here.

Find your nearest centre

To find your nearest centre, please visit our centre pages


To view an accessible version of this page, please click here.

Academic Support

We run Academic Support sessions most days after school.

At the sessions, your child can receive help with their homework or advice and guidance on GCSE, A-Level and university choices. We also run specific workshops on career choices and skills.

If you'd like to find out more about the Academic Support sessions at your local centre, please visit our centre pages.


If your child has been visiting our Academic Support sessions regularly, s/he may be able to have an IntoUniversity mentor. Our mentors are either students at university, or professionals, and their aim is to help your child with school work, career choices and social skills.

If your child is offered the opportunity to have a mentor, you will be contacted immediately, and will be asked to meet with staff at the centre to ensure that you are happy with the decision.