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IntoUniversity provides a quiet, safe and stimulating environment for children and young people to achieve their academic potential.

IntoUniversity centres provide a quiet, safe and fun classroom environment for children and young people aged seven and up to do their homework or get advice on their future free of charge, with support from trained full-time staff and volunteers.

If you would like to enquire about registering your child, please get in touch with your nearest IntoUniversity centre for more details.

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Eleanor and Carl

Eleanor and her dad, Carl, talk about the impact that coming to IntoUniversity Brent has had on Eleanor’s schoolwork and confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens at the centre?

We run Academic Support sessions after school. At the sessions, your child can receive help with their homework or advice and guidance on GCSE, A-Level, National 4’s and 5’s, Highers and university choices. We also run specific workshops on career choices and skills.

If your child has been visiting our Academic Support sessions regularly, they may be able to have an IntoUniversity mentor. Our mentors are either students at university, or professionals, and their aim is to help your child with school work, career choices and boosting their confidence. If your child is offered the opportunity to have a mentor, you will be contacted immediately, and will be asked to meet with staff at the centre to ensure that you are happy with the decision.

To register your child for Academic Support, please contact your local centre

Do you run other programmes?

We also run workshops in local Primary and Secondary schools to provide young people with information, advice and guidance, support development of key skills and inspire students to achieve their potential. If your child attends one of our partner schools, they may participate in one of our workshops during the school day, either in school or at their local centre.

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Can any child register to attend an IntoUniversity centre?

As a charity we aim to reach a particular target group of young people with our work and so for most of our programmes we therefore only welcome pupils who meet set criteria, including, but not limited to, being eligible for free school meals, living in social housing and care-experienced students. We also only support students who live or attend school close to one of our centres.

IntoUniversity does not use academic criteria; the charity works with all young people who meet the IntoUniversity referral criteria regardless of their academic ability and learning needs.

If you have any questions about our referral criteria, please get in touch with your nearest IntoUniversity centre for more details.

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