Student Associate Network

The Student Associate Network is a platform for former IntoUniversity students who have left school to continue their engagement with us and receive tailored career and academic support.

What is on offer?

If you are a part of our network, you will receive advice and guidance for your next steps, including support with university and career paths. We run events, work programmes and mentoring throughout the academic year.

IU Connect

To access the most up-to-date opportunities, please visit IU Connect and create an account. You can also connect with many volunteers on the platform who are willing to help support you with your next educational and career steps.

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To access these opportunities, you must sign up to our mailing list by contacting the Associate Network at

‘I would 1,000% recommend mentoring on IU Connect because you get the opportunity to not only meet a new person; but you also get to work with them as they will help you improve your confidence and train your skills which will give you a greater sense of resilience, as the mentor is an individual who has been through similar challenges to you. Moreover, mentoring on IU Connect gives you an opportunity to be flexible with your mentoring relationship as everyone is busy with either school, college, university or work. IU Connect is suited around you and your mentor’s convenience.‘
Abdullahi, Student Associate, London

Our Programmes

Academy of Enterprise

This is a one-week business and enterprise scheme that provides those young people about to start, or currently in, further and higher education, employment and work-based training, with the opportunity to set up and run their own business in teams. Based in London, teams have three days to design and create their business and one day to sell their product at a London Market and Corporate venue. On Friday, students pitch their business to a panel of experts, highlighting their profit and loss from the trading day and what they learnt from the week.  At the end of the week, up to eight students win an Accelerator Award placement, a paid internship set up to run the following year.

Work Experience

We run and continue to build on our work experience package to student associates. Previous work experience weeks have been set up with CVC, Bold Space and Value Retail. 

IU Connect Mentoring

There are two Mentoring schemes that student associates can take part in: the first is for penultimate and final year students, the second is for first year or gap year students. The scheme lasts for 5.5 months and aims to provide student associates with knowledge about careers and increase their chances of employment.

One-off programmes and Insight Events

We are often given unique opportunities that require quick turn around from our alumni. Examples of this from 2021 has been the podcast series with Brick Court chambers, where 3 x alumni interviewed Barristers. We have also run events and insight sessions this year with McKinsey and Company, Fieldfisher, MarketAxess and Deloitte.